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The knitting needle that fits you

Never again waste your time knitting with a wrong needle.
The ultimate knitting needle, will fit you perfectly!
MagKnit´s user-specified knitting needle
The ultimate circular needle, with changable wires, rotary joint, smooth surface og functional with the automatic row counter. The needles comes in sets of sizes from 2 mm til 10 mm and the yarn slides easily on the needle.



The knitting needle contains a magnet in the core, so the place marker kan register a round when passing the magnet. The needles has changeable wires and rotation in the wire.


The needles are made in oakwood with a smooth surface, where the yarn slides easily. The changeable wires are easily fitted on the needle and made from plastic that does not lose shape.


Needle: 2 mm; 2.5 mm; 3 mm; 3.5 mm; 4 mm; 4.5 mm; 5 mm; 5.5 mm; 6 mm; 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm; 10 mm

Needle length: 14 cm

Wires: 100 cm, 80 cm, 60 cm

MagKnit´s knitting needle revolutionize the approach to knitting. There is now no compromise to make when choosing your knitting needle. The user-specified knitting needle is everything a knitting needle can be.

With the changeable wires it is easy to extend the circular needle with a simple change. When you have to put the stitches on hold, it is easy to dismantle the needles and connect the ends of the wire, so the stitches lie safely on the wire. 

Strikkepinden er lavet i egetræ og vægten er derfor minimal. Inde i pinden er placeret en magnet, som også har en meget lille vægt.

The magnet placed in the core of the knitting needle will work together with the place marker that counts a round every time is passes the magnet.


We use many hours knitting, so do not waste your time with a knitting needle that does not suit you.
The smooth surface on the needle provide for the yarn to slide easily.
The rotary joint provides ease between the wire and the needle.
In the core of the needle is placed a light magnet, thereby the place marker will register a round when passing the magnet.
The knitting needle does not only provide a frictionless knitting experience, but also gives multiple function attached to the place marker.