The place marker that makes your job

Do also forget to note when making a round sometimes?

MagKnits automatiske omgangstæller.
The. row. counter that never forgets to register a round.

To register every round there is placed a sensor in the place marker. The sensor will register a magnet placed core of MagKnit´s special knitting needle.

The row counter then automatically count a round, when passing the magnet.

The place marker follows your knitting recipe and notifies you by blinking when there is a change.



The place marker counts rounds it self when it is moved from one knitting needle to another.


Markøren har en overflade der består af et let træ materiale


1.5 cm x 2.5 cm

How do you keep track of your rounds, when eks. making increases? Note on a paper, use a row counter or write it in on your phone? It can be tough to keep track of all the rounds. 

MagKnit has developed the solution to exactly this issue, with a place marker that counts the rounds it self.

In order for the place marker to count the. rounds, you have to knit with Magknit´s special knitting needles that has a magnet placed in the core.

In the place marker is placed a sensor, to register a round when passing a magnet (the one in the knitting needle). It is therefore important the the place marker does not pass any other magnet. 

When the place marker counts a round it is registered in the MagKnit app. In the app it is possible to state how many rounds the place marker has to count before notifying you by blinking, and if it has to get repeated. It could for instance be when making increases in the arms, where you have to make 2 increases every 14. round 6 times. In that case the place marker will notify every 14. round 6 times. 

Do you buy a recipe with the MagKnit app, the place marker will follow the recipe and notify you when there is new step to follow.